“You need people around you who believe in you, even when you don't believe in yourself.”
by Alexander Berardi

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h2>iStock_000004998784XSmall-you#039;re hiredStill Looking for a Job?

Despite all the empty promises and ballyhoo about how the trillion-dollar “stimulus package” was going to save the economy from freefall and stave unemployment from reaching 8%, the nation’s jobless rate has already blown past the 10-percent mark—the highest since 1983 and is still climbing. And if you#039;re among that 10%, nobody has to tell you how much it truly sucks. I know, I was there in #039;83– a stack of sheepskins in my hand, a pile of unpaid bills on my kitchen table, a ton of hope and ambition in my heart, and not a damn job in sight.

If you’re out of work, you already know what a cold, lonely, crowded place the world can be. And now, with the economy gasping for breath, you might be getting a little depressed and might be tempted to give up the fight and go into hiding and moping for a while.

Well, I’ve got a little CounterThink strategy that just might screw up your pity-party plans.

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Contrary to popular belief, a shitty economy is not a bad time to look for employment.   Here’s why…

Most people will stop sending out resumes or seeking interviews when times look bleak because they falsely assume no jobs will be available until the economy revives. As a result, the herd of job seekers will be thinner over the next few months (some economists say it#039;s gonna be more like “years”), which drastically increases your chances of finding the gig you’ve been searching for.

And a thinner herd is not the only advantage you have going for you during lean times like this. The fact is large companies often scramble to fill positions that have been vacated once they find that the backlog caused by layoffs is causing them more problems then the burden of added payroll, and the same is true with the government and with government contractors.

Small businesses are also looking to make some changes in the ranks during tight times as well.  Savvy business owners are looking for a competitive advantage over their rivals and cutting out the organizational “dead wood” is a great way to do it. If you play your cards right, the Dead Wood#039;s loss is your gain.

As the owner of many small businesses and an employer of a combined workforce that numbers around the four digits mark, I have always used the lull of the economy to reevaluate the effectiveness and value of my current employees. I’ve made my best hires during the the toughest economic times.  And now is no exception.  Plus, many businesses–like ours–are absolutely kicking ass in the current “depression.”

A little CounterThink goes a long way in times like these. The masses will give up in masses when times look rough. Use this fact that to your advantage. As a CounterThinker, your actions will be automatically multiplied—helping you to cut through the noise and stand out in the crowd—which is a good thing.

The fact is, there#039;s never a wrong time to look for your next job, so stay focused and positive, and quit following the herd.

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